We Just Enjoy the Art of Quilting
It all began in 1980. 

In 1980 Llewellyn George returned to Louisiana from northern Virginia.  She had been a member of the quilting guild in northern Virginia, and so she began to look around for quilting friends.  

On November 12, 1980, a quilting demonstration was presented in Monroe by Gerry Rohuer of Tucson, Arizona.  At this event, Llewellyn announced that a local quilter’s group would be formed, and she took names of those interested.  She had also been in contact with Margaret Hayes of the LSU Extension Service.  Margaret had given her other names and had told her that the Agriculture Building Auditorium on Cypress Street in West Monroe was available as a meeting place. 

With a meeting date set for December 11, Llewellyn began to contact those on her lists.  Several people were asked to serve on a steering committee.  This committee met for several hours in the morning preceding the afternoon meeting at 1:00.  Approximately thirty people attended that first meeting.  Many brought quilting projects for a “show-and-tell” session.  This showing of projects and sharing of techniques has remained an important part of all guild meetings to this day.

Since some interested people could not attend a daytime meeting, the second session was scheduled for 7:00 PM on January 8, 1981.  A film entitled “Granny’s Quilts” was shown, and a demonstration of the Cathedral Windows quilting technique was presented.  At that time, it was decided that two chapters of the group would be formed:  (1) a day chapter meeting at 1:00 PM on the second Thursday of each month; and (2) an evening chapter meeting at 7:00 PM on the first Thursday.  Both groups met at the Agriculture Building.  
The day group chose the name Sunshine.  Several months later the evening group chose to be called Moonlight.  An early newsletter says it was chosen because of their meeting time and also because it had the connotation of “moonlighting” – taking on an extra job – as most of their members work during the day.  Both groups now meet on the first Thursday of the month.

A third chapter, Morning Stars, was organized in 1992.  It meets on the first Tuesday at 9:30 AM at the West Ouachita Senior Center on North 7th Street in West Monroe.

In 2019, a fourth chapter, The Grateful Threads was formed.  They meet the first Monday at 5:30 p.m. for a bag supper at the Council on Aging in Monroe, Louisiana.

The steering committee served to direct the guild until officers were elected in June, 1981 at the first annual meeting.  The committee was: Director, Llewellyn George; Assistant Director, Harriet Walker; Secretary, Marilyn Gray; Treasurer, Bobbie Cox; Newsletter, Carla Owen; Program and Projects, Kate Everitt, Pat Tynes, Lois Scharf; Supervisor at Evening Chapter, Catherine Claytor.  Bobbie, Catherine, Harriet and Llewellyn also served on the Constitution and By-Laws Committee.

North Louisiana Quilter’s Guild was chosen as the name for the group from among twenty names proposed.  Members did not want a name which would limit the guild to the Monroe Area.  It was concluded that “North Louisiana best identified the geographic location, and that “Quilter’s Guild” best identifies the organization:  a group banded together to promote and preserve the art of quilting.  

The Pine Tree block was chosen as the guild symbol, as pine trees are typical of this area.