We Just Enjoy the Art of Quilting
The  North Louisianan Quilters Guild is governed by
 a board of elected and appointed officers and representatives. 
      The Executive board meets at least 3 times a year. 
The current (2016-2018) members of the Executive Board are:
President – Carolyn Patrick
President-Elect – Martha Williams
Secretary- Charlotte Jackson
Treasurer – Mary Sue Baker
Historian - Lahonda Littleton
Parliamentarian – Virginia Danna
Activities Chairperson - Stacy Lee
Communications Chairperson- Linda Foote
Guild Publicity Chairperson - Susan Wible
Quilt Show Chairperson – Jackie Sue Walters
National Teacher Chairperson - Ginger McNeal                  
Morning Stars President - Clara Endsley
Morning Stars Representative - Gail Hamby
Sunshine President - Christie McRight
Sunshine Representative – Theresa LeBlanc
Moonlight President - Mary Smith
Moonlight Representative – Joyce Divers